Aquae Sulis Autumn Meet Update

We finally got there on officials (just), so the meet will run as planned. Thank you to all who have volunteered.

The timings on the website do include a little fat between the end of session 6, and the warm-up for session 7 0(about 15 minutes in theory) so hopefully, we can bring the last warm-up forward just a few minutes to make sure we finish as early as possible. For those just attending the very last session – can you please be there a few minutes early. That said, we will make sure everyone gets their fair warm-up.

Please check the website for the latest session times.

Please note, the main car-park is quite expensive – it's a multi-story opposite the pool. For center users, it is possible to validate your ticket in a machine on the reception desk, which usually gives you 3 hours free. I am sure no-one will be thinking about validating their ticket and re-parking between sessions! (Well, guess you might be now).

Alternatively, and more limited, there is a specific car-park open for the event just down from the multi-story, but there is a £5 charge for the day. I am afraid it is the center not us that levy this charge. For Officials, please use this car-park – if all works as planned, your name should be on the gate to ensure free access. If not, we will reimburse the cost.

There will be a swim shop on the Saturday and Sunday.