Arena League B Final Team Selection

Please take a look at the team.  Congratulations on your selection.  Myself and the Team Manager ( Joan Scarrott ) would like to have a meeting with all parents on Thursday 1st March 6.30 PM in the shallows bar at Windsor.

Please make every effort to be at the meeting.

Open Open    
Katie Ambridge Alex Farrell    
Antonia Knowles Oliver Leonard Pam Clement Sam Straughan
Flo Claringbold Tim Delaney    
  Robert Iddiols    
  Declan Bourke    
15 YRS / U 15YRS / U    
Lucy Campbell Andrew Bockeham    
Lily Glover Alistair Bingham    
Cassie Pratley Cameron Moffat    
Becky Dutfield Charlie Messenger    
Abbey Goldfinch      
13 YRS / U 13 YRS / U    
Nicole Ryan Ben Goldfinch    
Millie Routelidge Rami Ellias    
Katherine Delaney Sam Ramsden-Head    
Mollie Perks      
Ally Hutson (MAYBE)      
11 YRS / U 11 YRS / U    
Katie Hopkins Max Hoogers    
Megan Ormand Harvey Karavais    
Jemma Lancaster Matthew Burton    
Magda Skrzymowska Nimath Ukkash    
Issy Louglin      

Please email ASAP to confirm your availability