Bag2School - an update

This is an important fund raiser for the club so your support is really appreciated.

The money raised will be divided equally between club funds and the Cyprus Swim Camp.

The more bags we fill, the more money we make. So very simple and easy!!


We are trying really hard to involve everyone, so hopefully over the past week you will have been given a blue 'Bag2School' bag to fill. Don't worry if you haven't had a bag, just use any suitable

plastic bag and fill it up. Examples of the types of items which can be included are:

All items collected are for re-use and therefore must be clean and in good condition.

Once filled, just give your bags to Janet Dutfield, Cindy Bingham, Elaine Karavis, Gisela Hoogers, Jo Withers or Nicki Routledge or alternatively contact Janet or Cindy via the website and we will arrange a collection time.

We are happy to have the bags as soon as possible but at the latest by the 14th please. Enjoy your clearing out and thank you for your donations!!