Cyprus 2012

'I've had the greatest time ever and the pool was amazing!'

This is one of the many positive comments made on the return from the Cyprus swim camp.

A group of 30 spent last week in Paphos at the Coral Bay Hotel and training camp. After arriving late on the Friday evening, training began with 2 hours in the pool on Saturday morning, 2 hours rest time was followed by lunch then free time before land training and another 2 hours in the pool. This set the pattern for the week. 

On Tuesday after land training, a swim in the sea out to the rocks and back was the challenge.

By Thursday Alex was beginning to get a tan! An evening with fruit cocktails, pool, darts and air hockey was enjoyed by all.

Friday arrived all too soon! Before the final training session of the camp we all played several games of volley ball. 

After 28 hours in the pool and 70,000 metres (approximately) it was the end of the camp. The swimmers trained hard all week and managed their time well.

Our swimmers and coaches received many compliments. One from the head coach of the Luxembourg team. He was impressed by the professional way the team conducted themselves. Another from Irena from the Arena Sports Organisation.  She too commented on the teams professional manner and that of the coaches. Irena also felt the way the team behaved around the hotel was exemplary.

We hope to return in 2013.

Cryprus training pool at night