Ealing L3 Open Meet

Please be aware we have received the following email from Ealing; the meet is oversubscribed and unfortunaltey the slowest swimmers will be the first to be dropped. Note that if you are an official your swimmer will have a very good chance of being accepted for their swims!  Any officials please email me ASAP and before tomorrow morning 12 o'clock.

I need to make you aware that over the last 24 hours we have become very oversubscribed. 4 clubs sent in their entries in the last 24 hours. Whilst it is against our conditions to close early, I need to make you aware that there will be scratches. Unfortunately it's the slowest swimmers who will bear the brunt of this. Whilst I will endeavour to do my best there will be some disappointments.

Please note our condition 13:
The Promoter reserves the right to restrict entries to meet the allocated pool time, or on the grounds of health and safety. Entries will be accepted on a timed order fastest being first, but with possible consideration to balancing out the numbers in each age category. Even if this means that a swimmer may only be accepted for just one event. The promoter reserves the right to give preference to ESC entries. Should the meet be oversubscribed, consideration will be given to swimmers that guarantee an ASA licensed official to officiate in all sessions in which the swimmer competes. Any entry not accepted as a result of this paragraph will be refunded in full. NO OTHER MONIES WILL BE REFUNDED. In the event that entries are rejected, fees will be refunded by a single cheque made payable to club in question.

Please Managers, if you have not already done so, may I have your list of officials no later than 12noon tomorrow.