Ealing Level 3 Entries

Dear Swimmers who have entered the Ealing meet.

Please read the message below from Ealing. Unfortunately nothing we as WSC can do about it. Just so you are aware.

Thank you for all your entries. I am now in the process of trying to sort through all the entries. Please note and you will need to warn parents that we were 50% oversubscribed. Unsure as to why we were so popular this time.

I have had after counting 38 heats of Girls 100 free, 30 heats of Girls 200IM, 49 heats of girls 50 free and that is just 3 of the events for the girls, boys were similar - total count of hours at present is 17 1/2 hours per day to be reduced back to 7 1/4 hours per day so there will be a lot of disappointed children that I can do nothing about.