Ealing Meet Information

Ealing will be offering Time Trials which can be requested at the start of each warm up session. The warm up desk will be on a first come first serve basis and will be by the medals' table.

Time Trials will be offered where there would otherwise be empty lanes. Time trials will be initially offered to rejected swimmers on a first come first served basis, and competitors wishing to swim time trials should go to the Competitors' Helpdesk upon arrival at the event. There will be a charge of £7.00 per time trial swim.

Please be aware that the session timings are as follows for Saturday 18th April & Sunday 19th April:

Confirmation of times has just been posted on ESC Website.

Northolt parking is open for all but it is on a short 3 hour parking and need renewing. Best to park in the surrounding streets. Having been away for 3 weeks, I noted today that the Council has placed permit parking is some areas, so you will need to hunt around for spaces.