Teaching Squads - Early Development


Early Development is the first step into our Competitive Squads.

Swimmers will now train 6 hours a week, with a focus on racing technique and stroke development. 

The aim in this group is to get swimmers ready to be able to cope with a higher intensity and quantity of training whist maintaining their technique.

Development of correct and efficient starts and turns is a priority at this level

Swimmers in this group will be expected to compete in the termly Mini Meet, yearly Club Champs and twice termly Level 3 Meets

The Level 3 meets we are entering as a club will be listed on the website – swimmers 9 years + are eligible to participate.


Early Development 1

Total 6 hours 15 minutes per week

Early Development 2

Total 6 hours 15 minutes per week

Swimmers will require the following equipment:

Swimmers with no drink will not be allowed to train due to the intensity and length of the sessions.