Help Save the Rushmoor Royals Open Meet

Sadly this Meet is under threat of being downgraded, or at worst cancelled, due to a lack of J1 and above fully qualified officials stepping forward to help run it in accordance with the rules of our Level 2 license.

Currently there are only 12 confirmed officials with less than 2 weeks to go. We need at least x10 or more to make it viable.

Rushmoor have had to reject many of their own swimmers, and those from other clubs, who bring with them an official because preference is no longer permitted. This is a very difficult situation to manage and one that many clubs will face in the future unless rules change.

Rushmoor are doing everything we can to source more officials from Hampshire, as well as their own club, but this isn't easy when they haven't got swimmers at the Meet.

Rushmoor need more help from you and the other clubs that have swimmers accepted. And they need it quickly!

This is an urgent request to our officials that are J1 fully qualified or above to ask them to step forward to help make sure that your accepted swimmers make their times count in a Level 2 Meet?

If you can help please contact Moira Tatton, Officials Coordinator at Rushmoor Royals Swimming School.