Important information - SER Winter Championships

We have significantly more entries for the Open/Junior Championships this year. Some clubs who chose not to enter in 2012 have entered relatively large numbers of swimmers this year.

Because of the number of entries, we have reluctantly decided that all events will be decided on heat times (Heat Declared Winners). There will be no finals.

The alternative options were some or all of the following:

1. Reject some swimmers who have made the qualifying times (which we are permitted to do if we need to).
2. Late finish times. A 7pm finish on Sunday is difficult for swimmers who have a long distance to travel or flights to catch back to the Channel Islands.
3. Eliminate presentations.
4. Very short warm-up periods.

Confirmed Session Times:

Saturday December 7th - Session One

Saturday December 7th - Session Two

Sunday December 8th - Session One

Sunday December 8th - Session Two

There will be a 30 minute break before the team events. This is necessary to provide a required break for officials and will provide an opportunity for swimmers in team events to warm-up. Presentations for individual events will be made during this period.

Coaches should note that we have taken note of the request for longer warm-ups.

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