Judge Level 1 Course 1st Feb

We need your help. As a club we need a certain amount of qualified officials to help out with every meet / gala. If we don't have them we are not able to run these meets/galas and all our kids would not be able to swim as a result and compete in these galas/meets.

We have far too few officials and we need more. Therefore we have arranged a new Officials course for J1 next Sunday February 1st at 3PM in the Windsor Leisure centre. Please come if you can as we really need as many parents help. Being an official is not difficult, basically anyone can do it.  The session will start at 3PM and will approximately will last a little over an hour.

It would be great to get you all going so if you can make it, please do so. Can you let me know if you are able to attend this course by mailing me at whoogers@hotmail.com. Then I can let See Green (the Referee who runs it) know how many people she can expect.