Junior Competitive

Any swimmer who does not have at least one time on at least one 100m or over event (so excluding 50m events and 100IM) within 4% of a County Qualifying Time for their age.

Must be committed and willing to train at Potential level (5 of 7 sessions a week, including one morning)

Must be prepared to represent the club at open meet L3 and galas (i.e. Junior Leagues, Arena League, etc..)

Training Guidelines



Aim:  reach the county qualification standard

Train to train, good attitude to training, continues Skills/Technique Development, team building, introducing the competitive element, physical development (respect the phase of human physiology maturation), represent club in swimming competitions atcounty regional Level

Age: age Group Between 9 and 11/12 years old for girl and boys respectively.

Notice that at discretion of the coach staff some swimmers could be hold in this group from 1 term to 1 extra year (12 years old) in order to develop better his/her potential.