Rushmoor Royals Distance Meet

Please review the meet informationaccepted and rejected entry lists for the distance meet. Unfortunately it was heavily oversubscribed so there have had to be a large number of rejections.

We are still short of officials so if you have any officials who are available to help please send an officials form to Moira Tatton If the meet doesn't have enough officials to meet the licensing requirements times will not be eligible for submission to ASA rankings.

As the meet is licensed level 2 entry times must be on ASA rankings so we have rejected all entries without valid licensed times. Even after doing this the meet was 30% over-subscribed so unfortunately we have had to reject a lot of valid entries too. This has been done by age group in proportion to number of entries for each age group.

If you have been accepted but find that you are not able to swim please let me know so that the space can be offered to another swimmer who was rejected.