SER Champs Competitor Information

Session Times

I have slightly changed the session times for the second weekend, to allow a little more time for pool set up on Saturday and finish slightly earlier. Please refer to the web site for the latest information.

Accepted Entries

There is an explanation of the process we used to decide which entries to accept and reject on the web site, together with access to a table showing the times of the slowest swimmers accepted for each event.

Poolside Overcrowding

We have accepted a large number of individual swimmers, particularly for the two weekends at K2. We have to take health and safety very seriously. Please note the following rules, which we will be enforcing with no exceptions:

Officials and Volunteers

As usual, we are still looking for additional people, technical officials and non-technical volunteers, to help us run these championships.  If you are willing to help please let us know.


We are trying to expand the pool of announcers. If you have done some announcing at club level and would like to step up and get experience at Region level, please contact Eileen Adams. You will not be thrown without help. You will start by working with an experienced announcer, who will explain the formalities of announcing at this level and how to use the announcers computer system which provides information from the Meet Management system.