Term Fee Reminder

Would all members / parents please note that this terms course and membership fees were due on the 3rd May 2013.

Would all members / parents who have not made payment, or notified Jeremy Chinn, the Club Membership Secretary of reasons for any delay do so as soon as possible please.

As stated on the termly fee letters, regretfully we may be forced to implement no pay no swim policy if fees are consistently late. Prompt payment is vital to the efficient financial management of the Club and it is unfair on the vast majority of Members who pay their fees promptly.

Payment reminders have been emailed, so if you have not received these emails please advise Jeremy of a valid email address as this will continue to be used more frequently in the future as a means of communication to the Membership in addition to the web-site information.

Should you have any particular issues with making payment you wish to discuss, then please contact Jeremy via email (jpchinn@gmail.com) to discuss in strict confidence.