Unfortunately many entries for the Ealing meet were scratched. However all races of children whose parents offered to help to officiate were accepted, as Ealing has adopted this rule in order to attract sufficient officials. This is a good example that it pays off to officiate. Besides this benefit it is also very necessary to have as many parents helping as official at any meet or gala. This is for the sole reason that a meet is only possible because of these volunteer officials (and other helpers).

An average meet requires about 50 volunteers to run it. Especially there are minimum requirements for the number of qualified officials. If a club cant find enough officials (who are all volunteers), a meet simply cannot be run under ASA rules and the times of the children cannot be counted as official ASA ranking times. Without active involvement of parents, it would be impossible to run these meets/galas.

Windsor swimming club has several people now that have come forward and started to help as officials, but we are still short and we need all the extra hands we can. So please let me know if you can help us out and want t start to help. It is not difficult and I can explain any questions you may have. So please mail me whoogers@hotmail.com if you would like to know more.