Update from the Chairman

Update from the club commitee and our chairman.

Fees for Summer Term

The summer term begins May 1st, and Renewal Notices will be issued in week commencing April 23rd . After careful consideration the Committee has decided to increase all fees by 5% in order to keep pace with increasing pool costs and continue to strengthen the Club's financial base. As you will be aware, a special general Meeting was held recently to authorise the Management Committee to take on an overdraft facility to help us manage our cashflow for the medium term future. We would like to clarify that the current increase is not directly related to this decision, but is part of a longer term approach which was agreed at the beginning of the year. You will recall from our AGMs in 2011 and 2010, that our fee income does not fully cover our normal operating costs of pool hire and coaching fees, but is supplemented by revenues from the two Licensed Meets each year. We aspire over time to correct this anomaly, hence this increase is in line with that strategy, and also recognises increased pool hire costs which we are experiencing. On a related matter, although we had previously indicated that we aim to introduce a system of monthly payments, we regret that we are not able to do that at this time. However it still remains our intention to make this change when we can at some point in the future. As always, fees are payable before the start of the new term, and regrettably swimmers who have not paid by that time will not be allowed tyo swim. We've had much more success over recent terms in collecting fees by the deadline, which of course is crucial for the cashflow of the Club, and so once again your cooperation in this will be very much appreciated. If you believe you will have serious difficulties in managing the payment on time, please talk to our Fees Secretary, Amanda Perks so that we can attempt to help you.

Annual General Meeting

This year's AGM will be held in the Shallows Bar at Windsor Leisure Centre, on May 17th. As always, you are warmly invited to attend, to hear about the Club's achievements over the last year and plans for the future, to share your views, and to vote on membership of the Club Management Committee. Anyone wishing to stand for membership of the Committee should make this known to the Club Secretary, John Munday, in writing by 26th April, indicating whether you wish to stand for a particular office, or as a General Member. As in previous years , whilst there is a formal purpose to the meeting, we will also hold an open Q&A session to discuss any matters you wish to raise. However under the terms of the constitution, if you wish to move a formal motion, this must be notified to the Secretary, with details of Proposer and Seconder, by April 26th. You'll notice that the deadline for submission has been extended to recognise the timing of this notice.

Club Membership

At the recent Special General Meeting, an important question of clarification concerning Club membership arose, which the Committee thought was important to share with you all. This is particularly relevant in relation to the AGM, so please read this carefully and talk to any of the Committee members if you have any questions.

As many of you have heard me say at parents' meetings and general meetings, Windsor SC, like most swimming clubs is constituted as a 'members club' run for the members by the members. As we have grown, we have relied entirely on volunteers to take on the many & various jobs necessary to provide all the opportunities the club offers to its swimmers . This helps keep our fees down, and also means that while we are self-sufficient, we depend on the goodwill of those who step forward to offer their time and expertise.
The question which arose was whether all parents are automatically members of the Club, and therefore have the right to vote on club matters. Unfortunately it is not well understood that this is not the case . This is because under ASA rules, voting members of all clubs must also hold current ASA membership and pay an annual ASA fee at one of three levels, depending on the nature of their involvement with the Sport. The definitions, which you can find on the ASA website, set out the categories of membership, summarised as: competitive swimming member, non-competitive swimming member, and non–swimming other members, which includes all club officers, coaches, teachers, officials, and helpers. The benefit of this is that members are covered by the ASA codes of conduct and are also covered by the ASA's group insurance policy for swimming related activities.
Swimmers, whether in the competitive or the pre-competitive programmes, are of course required to be ASA members; however only those aged over 16 can vote on Club matters or stand for office in the Club. To promote full involvement in the running of the Club, the committee would like to encourage at least one member of all families of children in the Pre-Comp Group or higher, to become Club members by paying the nominal ( £4.20) fee for ASA membership.
I realise this may seem like a rather dry procedural point, but I hope you will appreciate that we want to make sure everyone fully understands this , and particularly in the context of the forthcoming AGM, encourage everyone who would like to be able to vote , to take out ASA membership before that time. ASA forms can be downloaded from the website ASA MEMBERSHIP and then leave with your cheque , for the attention of Sharon Glover, in the pigeonhole at WLC.

WSC Website

Finally I'm very pleased to be able to announce that as a result of considerable hard work, particularly by John Knowles of the Masters Group, and Tony Perks, we will shortly be in a position to relaunch our website, with a clean attractive new design, and an improved architecture, which will make it much easier for all members to find the information they need, and keep up to date will all Club news and activities. Watch out for a further announcement about the date of our relaunch !

- Peter Campbell (Chairman)