Volunteers and Officials Urgently Required

From time to time, as a parent, you may be asked if you can volunteer and/or become an official. Volunteers are an essential part of swimming in the UK and without them the whole sport would grind to a halt.

Today we face the situation where ASA South East Regional Championships for our Age Group Swimmers may have to be cancelled purely because there are not enough officials to run the event; please click read more below to see a communication our club received a couple of days ago; so if your child is swimming and you are a regular spectator why not get involved and support the sport?

Unfortunately we find ourselves in a serious situation and ultimately it means that this year's Amateur Swimming Association South East Region Age Group Championships that are to be held at K2 Crawley in May and June may not have sufficient technical officials to allow the galas to take place.

Currently, we only have 40% of the total number of technical officials required.

In order to run the championships, we only need approximately 5% of the registered officials in the region (JL1s and above) at each session of which there are 12 across 2 weekends. Currently, we have less than 3% as an average across the sessions.

We all understand and appreciate that swimming takes up a huge amount of our time, but without your generous contribution as a volunteer, the meets and championships that we eagerly attend will not be available to our swimmers and we will have let them down, which I am sure nobody wants!
The details for the Amateur Swimming Association South East Region Age Group Championships 2012 are below:

The 2012 ASA South East Region Age Group Championships

Saturday 26th May 2012 K2 Crawley - 1, 2 and 3
Sunday 27th May 2012 K2 Crawley - 4, 5 and 6
Saturday 9th June 2012 K2 Crawley - 7, 8 and 9
Sunday 10th June 2012 K2 Crawley – 10, 11 and 12