Volunteers needed for the County Championships 2015

For the County Championships this year we have been asked by the County to provide the following volunteers.

Sat 7th March

We have to provide 2 people on the entrance. There are 2 sessions on the 7th so it would be ideal if we could get 2 different people for each session.(4 volunteers in total)

Please be assured you will be able to watch your children race!

Sat 21st March

We have to provide 2 stewards (often known as whips!) to help get the children ready for their heats. There are 3 sessions on the 21st so we need 2 people per session. (6 volunteers in total)

We really do rely on your support , and the more volunteers we get the less for each one to do.

Please e mail me k.holroyd@homecall.co.uk with details of the session/sessions you can help with.

Thank you in advance for your help.