WSC Level 2 Licensed Meet - Accepted Entries

Please accept our apologies for the late posting of the Accepted and Rejected swims for our Meet.

We had 40 rejected swims and we have been working out a way to include as many of them as possible using the Time Trial condition that is outlined in our Promoter's Conditions. So when you open the file to look at the Rejected Swimmers you will find:

  1. a number of swims that have been highlighted in yellow. These swims have been accepted as Time Trialists and will occupy the currently empty lanes in the first heat of the respective event.
  2. Those swimmers who are highlighted in lilac have been placed on a Waitlist and will be entered into the first heat if or as places become available. We think that all swimmers have a reasonable chance of getting their swims although at this stage we cannot guarantee them.
  3. Those swims with no highlights are Rejected. They are typically 50m entries where the swimmers are not old enough to meet the entry criteria

If for any reason you would like to be pulled off the waitlist, or not be entered as a Time Trialist – please let us know as soon as possible so that we can offer your place to the next person on the list and refund your money. If anyone who has Accepted swims is no longer able to swim for any reason, please also let us know so that we can offer a place to a swimmer on the waitlist. There will be no additional charge for these Time Trials. Any Time Trials requested on the day will be charged at £7 per swim as per the Promoter's Conditions.

Click here to download the Accepted Entries

We are still short of Officials so please can you encourage your Licensed Parents to come forward. Thank you for entering our Meet and we wish you a very Happy Christmas and look forward to seeing you in the New Year.

WSC Meet Admin. Team