WSC Level 3 Thank You

Thank you to all the seasoned and new volunteers who came together yesterday at the Magnet Leisure Centre at our fifth Level three Open Meet. We received very positive feedback from Officials, Coaches and Spectators as a well run, efficient and friendly meet - what more could we ask. The Meet Administration Team worked with a positive spirit and great humour to overcome the challenges presented to them as the day went on - every meet Presents us with new conundrums to resolve...and resolve them we do.

A meet like this takes 24 volunteer qualified Officials poolside and another 24-28 volunteers on the ground including a core group of 7 to bring it to fruition. All the new volunteers say that they much prefer to be in the action making the event happen than sat in the gallery waiting for that 10 minutes of swimming that their son or daughter has come to do...and quite often you get a front seat closer to the action!

Our next meet is Our Level 4 mini Meet in June with the date to be confirmed shortly. After that it is our Level 3 at The Magnet on July 12th. If you would like to help make these meets happen please contact me.